Petition Opposed to 2022-ZON-112

On October 24, 2022, the Decatur Township Civic Council voted to OPPOSE rezoning case 2022-ZON-112. This rezoning seeks to change what is allowed on 123 acres for two uses. On about 57 acres they seek to build 133 single family homes and 52 duplexes. The duplex area would be low maintenance for the homeowner, with all mowing and snow removal done by the Homeowners Association. They seek 3 acres for commercial uses, including a gas station.

The troublesome issue is that they also seek to build warehouses on about 61 acres. They refuse to lease only to industrial companies that would create a wide spectrum of job opportunities for our community. These are Life Sciences, Light Manufacturing, Research and Development, Biotech, and Food & Beverage Businesses. Our community already is home to the State’s largest industrial park, with logistics warehouses. If we are to agree to more industrial uses, they simply must meet the needs of our community for good paying jobs with potential for advancement and life-long careers.

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